Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hi hi !

As a band we decided to start a blog to keep everyone up to date on travels, projects etc.

Fonz and I have been in and out of our studio space since October writing new material. For some reason when the weather is dismal and unbearable is when the best ideas and sounds come out of us.

It's so crazy to think Glass Lux has been together for 2.5 years( public for 1.5) For some of you who may have caught a recent-ish show you may have noticed we now play as a trio. Leo plays keys with us for live shows and he has really changed the overall feel of our vibe.

Next month were super excited to be playing with Blush Response and Many Moons . Remember the date! Jan 3rd at Subterranean. YAY.

2013 feels so full of amazing things. SXSW is fast approaching...If you aren't going GO. As a band it was the BEST time we ever had out of state. If you don't plan on buying an official ticket there are TONS of shows happening at bars and venues all over Austin. Were trying to book as many shows as we can get. If you have a venue or know someone who is looking to book bands please email us GL EMAIL. If you don't catch us at SXSW we plan on making trips to NYC, San Diego and Los Angeles for some DJ sets and Live shows.

ALSO we are openly offering stems to "We Own the Night" and "I'm A Machine" for remixing. Just click the email above. Ask and you shall receive.

Ta ta for now,