Monday, June 10, 2013


Holy Moly it's been a bit. Whoops on the absence. Currently sitting at Soundscape Studio post vocals scratchy throat blogging while our friend Mike Kohlar mixes down "Disco Light". Here we go to fill you all in on other stuff.. This past month has really been a doozy. We played a rad show to a packed house at Untitled. So fun. Can't believe the crowd. It was amazing.

 This past week with the help of our manager who helped us stay organized and on point, we filmed our video for new single " DISCO LIGHT" with the help of Matt DiMare and Joshua Lustig. Think 70's garb with girls on roller skates in a time you wish you were born in to enjoy (I'm just assuming people reading this are 80's or 90's babies) Anyway we fully wrap in a few weeks after we film our last few scenes. Being around all the people  involved with the production and filming of this video has been such a blast I'm stoked we have more time to hang and laugh together. We all worked so hard making this happen I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT to release both song and video.

We have a few shows planned this summer but I'll be sure to update and let yalls know whats up.