Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh hai guys,

So just a couple things we wanted to let y'all in on.. recently we've been taking a lot of meetings and figuring out Glass Lux ins and out, yeses and no's and the ways of the road we are on.

About a year ago Fonz and I went into the studio to record our first E.P.You may have noticed that we removed all tracks from all of our websites except I'm A Machine. ..Pls don't fret! We have decided to re-record everything and add tweaks + release BRAND NEW songs onto a full length album.YAY. We will be working with some really talented people.We are super grateful to all the people helping us on this journey.

OH before I forget.. the 31st of this month.. We will be doing a set at GRAND BAR corner of Ashland and Grand. Come. We shall dance with the moon.

Luv you to bitz,