Saturday, February 9, 2013

                                     But is it happy ? If you haven't already fallen on your ass from slippery unkempt sidewalks you don't know winter... at least Chicago winter.  Hope everyone is surviving though. Once this month is over everything will be on the up and up. Jan/Feb are the WORST! So depressing right?  Don't freak out if you don't have a Valentine next week. Most don't. Just go out and party. Most times a bartender will feel bad if you are sitting alone and buy you at least one sympathy drink. Free dranks YEH!
 So for news- Launched brand new website. Looong overdue. Thank you to all that came to our show at Grand Bar last week despite the frigid temps and so many big events happening that exact night. Next Tuesday we are playing the Rock for Kids charity event presented by Rockit Ranch Productions. There is a $20 donation and free drinks inside as well as food. Please come and support a great cause!

So we got into Rax Trax on Wednesday to track drums and synths. I have been sick with a wicked cold so I've been hibernating in a couch cave for almost the whole week so I couldn't do vocals.Rescheduling for a later date. Womp womp. I'm feeling much much better and pretty positive I'll be ready for Tuesdays show. Yehaw!

OH almost forgot we got confirmed for 1 show for SXSW so far.. still waiting on a few more.Seems like everything that has to do with SX is so last minute  Right? But we are sooo excited. Last year was a mess but still fun. Hope to see Chicago faces there!



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