Tuesday, April 2, 2013



WHEWEE. So if you weren't at our show last Thursday you missed an epic night. But don't fret go to this LINK to watch the entire show. It takes two seconds to create a profile and then you can view tons of archived shows that have played at the Double Door and for future shows as well. Oh yeah and it's FREE. Anyway we had a blast. Moon Furies killed it and as always Perfect kiss killed it. Distant Cities was great can't wait to see them blow up in the Chicago scene.

NEWS- Glass Lux wrote a brand new song, DISCO LIGHT. Believe me when I tell you this it's your new summertime theme. We love love love this new music baby we've made. Just as soon as we hit the recording studio and get everything clean and peachy it'll make its way to your ears. Prom prom.

Still working on our west coast tour. Its about a month.5 away.

OK that's news for now.



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